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At Gold Choice Union Bank, getting a personal loan has never been faster and easier. A trustworthy brand, we provide best-in-class service to help you achieve your financial goals so you can start building your nest egg.

Gold Choice Union Bank’s mission is to transform the way you borrow money. Gold Choice Union Bank helps you access many different types of loans from one trusted lender while customizing your financing options from the comfort of your home. The application process is easy, personable, and instant without affecting your credit score.

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A personal loan is a credit that is said to be "unaffected". In fact, the amount borrowed from a personal loan does not correspond to the precise purchase of a good (car, motorcycle, real estate, etc.).

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Do you have a home purchase project? Rest assured: borrowing without down payment is complicated, but certainly not impossible.

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The credit or loan between individuals, or PAP / P2P, is also called the credit without banker, because generally the organizations of loan between individuals are not approved organizations or banks.

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Consumer credit is a loan that concerns operations other than those relating to real estate. More specifically, it responds to a cash flow requirement of a borrower wishing to finance the purchase of consumer goods.

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Do you intend to buy a vehicle, but like a large majority of households, you do not have the capital to finance it?

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Is your home in need of a facelift? Do you want to enlarge? Yes, but renovation or eco-renovation work, just like landscaping, often comes at a significant cost.

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Legal Protection Insurance

In the event of a dispute, Gold Choice Union Bank protects you and your loved ones! Thanks to the Legal Protection guarantee, benefit from full support to defend your rights and interests.

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Car Insurance

The 1958 law made automobile insurance compulsory. It requires that your car be insured at least with liability insurance, also called third-party insurance by insurers.

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Home Insurance

For any tenant, Law No. 89-462 of July 6, 1989 specifies that he is obliged to insure himself against the risks for which he must respond as a tenant.

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Loan Insurance

Obtaining long-term credit almost always involves taking out loan insurance, in order to allow the bank to protect itself from the risk of non-payment.

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