In the event of a dispute, Gold Choice Union Bank supports you and offers you an offer covering your entire household! Protect your interests and benefit from the assistance of a lawyer to settle all your disputes.

Did you know ? Almost 7 in 10 French people have already been confronted with a dispute, but only 1 in 2 people say they know their rights well. With Legal Protection Insurance we want you to easily defend your rights and interests.

Legal Protection Insurance: what does it consist of?

This insurance has been designed to meet two strong needs of French households: on the one hand to prevent disputes and on the other hand, to manage them and support the insured in their procedures.


Get a reliable and immediate response, anticipate conflict and make the right legal choices:

  • Get legal information by phone from Monday to Friday
  • Have your contracts legally validated by our experts


  • Use the amicable management of disputes, a real alternative in the face of long and sometimes uncertain legal proceedings
  • Receive support throughout the legal proceedings thanks to conflict handling in accordance with legal provisions
  • Rest assured: the insurance includes payment of legal costs